Krystalargo/Linda Speaking: AND WHAT AN AMAZING PERSONAL LIFE JOURNEY IT HAS BEEN! From birth on March 20, 1936 to about 1972, my Life was rather extraordinarily ordinary. As an only child I was blessed with exceptional parents who openly loved me and who encouraged both my Tom-boy activities and my fancy clothes little girl princess self. From my Father I learned the charm and allure of the great outdoors including hiking, fishing and hunting with guns and hunting for rocks and fossils. He was an oil geologist. He also transferred his love of animals to me.   From my Mother I learned fashion, good manners in many kinds of social situations, very good cooking and party giving. It was a good life that was always overlaid by my love of and passion for horses. 

Finally, at age twelve they were able to buy me my first horse. She was a golden palomino filly that I named Princess Scheherazade and Sherry for short. I rode her in many parades, rodeo princess competitions, and just general bareback countryside riding. I was in Heaven, but then I discovered boys and finally I sold her and her 6 month old filly when I was sixteen. I then married my high school sweetheart at age 16 1/2 years and as a junior in high school. I finished high school in 1955. I had a baby boy by then. We eventually had five children...three boys and then two girls. I adored being a Mother and Wife. All this happened in different parts of Colorado. 

While in NW Colorado, THE HORSES CALLED MY NAME AGAIN IN 1965! I bought horses and ponies for my five children and for me my first Arabian horse. At the same time I entered college and received an Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene in 1969. VERY SMART MOVE! I did all of this with five children, six horses and ponies, two dogs, numerous cats and litters of kittens and a husband who did not want me to go to college. I also was able to stay on the Dean's List that whole time. EVERY DAY I THANKED GOD FOR GIVING ME A GOOD BRAIN AND A LOT OF STAMINA! 

Having been married almost twenty years, I reluctantly entered the ranks of divorced single mothers in 1973. Wow! What a difficult transition that was. After a period of depression, hopelessness, quietness and recovery, I entered into a new Self of being somewhat of a hippy, wild woman. I delved into the world of dating and working really hard as a Dental Hygienist to take care of my family of kids and horses as a single mother. I did remarry in 1974 for three very bad years. Was divorced  in 1977. I had horses for 22 years straight, including a four year period of me leasing and running a horse boarding stable and raising Arabians. A lovely ranch style home was also on the property. This was one of the most contented periods of my life. I thrived on the combination of doing Dental Hygiene indoors, in a small usually windowless room, and using small muscle movements to going home to my horse stable & home where I donned a pair of overalls, put on my literally shit-kicking boots, fed & exercised horses and mucked out stalls til midnight or so. But eventually I wore out, got quite sick and had to give up my horse stable and some of my horses and move. Two of my mares died, one from colic and one from a bad fall on ice. THAT was a really sad and bad time of my life.  

I was still working full time as a Dental Hygienist. However, I was becoming somewhat disenchanted with the dental scene, so I decided to add another feather to my cap. In 1984 I began studying Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Massage Therapy and Jin Shin Jyutsu and doing healing work in an office of my own. I continued to practice Dental Hygiene full time and did my healing arts practice in the evenings and on weekends. All my children were raised by then so I had plenty of time to do both careers concurrently for the next 13 years. Oh, yes, I sold my last two horses in 1987, two Arabians Stallions that I had specifically bred for long distance and endurance riding. Even way back then I somehow knew that type of activity was in my blood and in my Destiny. What a sad day it was with no more horses!

Some of you may be wondering why I have the two names of Krystalargo de Lindachrist and Linda Sue Russom Plant Powers. 1987 was a year of huge happenings in my life! I wanted to get married again, but it wasn't working out. A Metaphysically oriented friend of mine suggested that I make an affirmation as in: "I want to marry my perfect mate this year of 1987." So I began focusing on this affirmation. On August 1, 1987 I left from Denver, CO for California to attend a week long Jin Shin Jyutsu bodywork training in Santa Rosa, CA. I loaned my big station wagon to my boyfriend and borrowed his little beat-up Volkswagen Rabbit because it got better gas mileage. I had just quit my dental job. I filled Lazarus, the VW, with some clothes and stuff, got a car top carrier for my massage table, tucked my remaining $135 into my purse and took off. Oh, yes, I also had my youngest daughter's bicycle with me. I had bought it from her a year before when she moved to California and now she wanted to buy it back from me for $50. So that gave me a total of $185. And I hoped to do a few massages along the way. I stayed with a Religious Science Church member, NOT Scientology, in Santa Rosa for a week while I finished my Jin Shin Jyutsu certification. From there I visited Heidi in San Francisco, sold her the bike, did a couple massages and took off for Asilomar for a big church conference. My other daughter, her husband and baby were attending that. Even though I was not registered at the church conference, I was graciously allowed to attend quite a few of the classes. Did a couple massages on attendees for a little bit more money. Most of this Spiritual Journey, for that is what this turned into BIG TIME, I fasted, spent time on the Earth outdoors, meditated, read the Course In Miracles, read three books by Robert Johnson called "He", "She" and "We" and collected different kinds of pine cones. I ended up calling this trip my "Persephone Journey". Research this story in mythology if interested in more details. 

Almost every night I either slept in my car or on a cheap lawn chaise beside my car. I repeatedly re-baptized myself in waters of creeks, rivers and lakes during the whole round-trip journey. Just an intuitive urge. Attended first day of The Harmonic Convergence in a meadow near Carmel, CA, visited The Pinnacles and then on to Yosemite National Park by way of the West Entrance & the Merced River. During the second day of the Harmonic Convergence I reveled in quietness and meditation in Yosemite. Spent two wonderful, absolutely Magical days and nights there, at times swimming naked in a big, deep shady pool of the Merced River. Shhhh! I don't think that is "allowed".

Finally I slowly began my Journey back to Colorado. It was late in August by then, and I visited one of my sons in Rock Springs, Wyoming on the way. Have any of you ever traveled I-80 through Wyoming? It is pretty desolate, so I entertained myself watching all the 18-wheelers that I dearly love. I stopped at a rest stop where I sunbathed on a blanket on the hood of Lazarus the VW, laid out my big crystals that traveled with me, read more of the Course In Miracles, meditated and prayed. Of course I kept one eye on the 18-wheelers at the rest stop, too. Do I sound really weird to you, the reader? Well, I "own" weird because it means Prophet, Soothsayer and Wizard in its original meanings. The original spelling was "wyrd". I LIKE BEING THAT KIND OF WEIRD! 

Shortly after leaving the rest stop I had to pull off the road for about 45 minutes because I experienced a very strong Cosmic Visionary Experience. I was in much too altered a space to be driving. The Spiritual Message was quite lengthy, but to sum it up, "You have done well, Linda, with your assignment in October 1985 from Jesus to learn to love yourself unconditionally and then go teach about it. The perfect mate for you to marry is Yourself. So go home to Denver and have your friends help you plan and choreograph a marriage/wedding to yourself."

Me asking Spirit, "DO WHAT????" 

But there it was, my perfect mate was myself! So I did just that! On October 3, 1987 at 11:11 a.m. I married myself in a lovely ceremony on a huge rock amid the golden aspen trees in the Rocky Mountain foothills. I wore a white satin wedding dress, had a male and a female minister, and had two male and two female attendants. The ceremony was called "The Conjunctio".  Afterwards we took pictures in a Denver park, had lunch at a lovely health food restaurant and then began began setting up and decorating for what is normally called the reception. I called mine "The Integration Celebration." 

Little did I realize that day what a profound influence these two ceremonies would have on my core "beingness" and on the rest of my Life! The Integration Celebration was complete with wedding cake, dancing, singing, and a really big celebration (no alcohol). Basically I married my Masculine side/self to my Feminine side/self and my Physical Self to my Spiritual/God/Goddess Self. In the wedding, I took only the name of Krystalargo in honor of the first spiritual entity I had channeled in 1986. In 1988, during another spiritual transformational experience I received the last name of de Lindachrist. All of these happenings have been absolutely Life Changing and have resulted in a new, improved me! May I present : Krystalargo de Lindachrist aka Linda Sue Russom Plant Powers.

Following a Vision I had in 1989 that told me I should move to somewhere else, I came to California in July 1989 to explore if that was the new place. I came on vacation and just stayed in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley for the next two years. I only went back to Colorado once... on October 17, 1989. I was on a plane on the day of the big earthquake in SF. Spirit had told me that I was safe from earthquakes. TRUE! I was not even on the Earth that day! While in California, I was able to get funded to attend the National Holistic Institute (for massage therapy & health education). Now officially certified, I plunged into more work in that field. Sadly, I was not able to pass the very strict California Dental Hygiene board exam, so after two delightful life-changing years, I moved back to Colorado where I shared ownership of a nice house with two men. I could also go back to doing Dental Hygiene, because I had maintained my license, as well as continuing to do my healing arts business. 

But the main reason I moved back was to further pursue my education to become a minister in the Church of Religious Science. I had begun my studies in Denver, CO, continued them in Oakland, CA, but needed a location that had advanced opportunities to finish. That place was Denver. So back I went. HOWEVER, Spirit had other plans for me (as usual) than becoming a minister in the Church of Religious Science. In the mid 1980's I had begun to participate in and learn about Native American Traditions and Ceremonies, mostly with people of the Lakota tribe who lived in Denver. During the two years in California I intensified my pursuit of this fascinating approach to religion. I really resonated with it.

On Labor Day weekend of 1991, just after my return to Denver, I drove up into the Rocky Mountains to visit two girlfriends of mine. During the night I had a Dreaming Vision: I was standing on a small circle on the Earth. Then the circle became a cylinder and rose up from the Earth with me still standing on it. It turned 180 degrees with me on it, and then slowly descended back into the Earth. The message that I was given by Spirit was this: "You are no longer to pursue becoming a minister with the Church of Religious Science. It is too restrictive for your talents. You are now to follow the Native American path of THE SACRED RED ROAD." That was a pivotal point in my life, for sure! AND FOLLOW THE SACRED RED ROAD I DID AND STILL DO TIL THIS DAY IN AUGUST 2018.  I eventually became a minister with another church and had fun doing weddings and other ceremonies. I never wanted to have an actual church building.  

Back when still in Denver in 1988, I followed directions from what I called Thought Forms...a voice that often gave me spiritual instructions or ideas in the middle of the night for art and craft projects. As a result of Thought Forms I created my first Vision Quest on the side of a red dirt mountain just barely north of Bryce Canyon National Monument in Utah. It was a spectacular experience of such magnitude that I determined to always PAY ATTENTION to SPIRIT and to THOUGHT FORMS. These are probably one and the same, but most certainly some of the Thought Forms advice comes from Spirit Helpers and Spirit Guides that I have been able to channel since February 1986. I took several classes in learning to channel and it has been delightful, spiritually important and a source of advice, information and encouragement all these years...a vast, inspirational part of my life from beyond the normal world. For years I channeled while lying down and in a trance. Sometimes I had someone to record the sessions, or, if not, I recorded them myself with a tape recorder sitting on my chest. Since I learned computers in 2000, I just sit at the computer and write out the session as it comes to me. Sure saves time translating from all those tapes!

While I was returning through south central Utah from the Bryce Canyon Vision Quest trip in October 1988, it seemed that all the little dirt roads were calling to me to drive down and explore them. But I needed to be back in Denver for work, so I didn't do it. From that time on in October 1988 Spirit kept commanding me to go back there and spend 40-Days and 40-Nights in the desert and canyonlands ALONE! I ignored Spirit, or rather I just said, "I can't do that kind of thing." From mid-1989 to mid-1991 when I was in California, Spirit didn't bug me too much, but after I moved back to Denver, the commands became more frequent and more adamant. I became very sick with a chemical weed killer poisoning that caused chemical hepatitis in the fall of 1991. I almost died. BUT I DIDN'T DIE! Using some natural healing products called Standard Process Products, my doctor and a friend of mine helped me recover from the illness. I also did tons of other alternative healing modalities including acupuncture. However, in March of 1992 while still very sick, I had finally surrendered to Spirit/God/Goddess and said, "YES, I WILL GO TO THE DESERT FOR 40-DAYS ALONE. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THIS, GOD, BUT I WILL WALK WITH MY HAND IN YOURS." Almost the next day I noticed that I felt extremely better and that level of wellness increased dramatically and rapidly. Obeying God certainly has its perks! I continued to take the SPP nutritional products to support my new level of wellness and still use them sometimes in my life.

I was then working as a traveling independent contractor in dental hygiene, and early that March of 1992 I accepted a two weeks assignment in the small western Colorado town of Montrose. I kept telling my friends that something magical like a miracle was waiting for me in Montrose. They laughed at me, but through one of my patients there I was introduced to a man named Curt who was half Cherokee Indian. He and his wife, Rebecca, took me under their wings and taught me a lot of Native American lore. Curt made Native American artifacts that were authentically crafted. He gifted me that day with a few special things. As we talked he asked me to come into his house to show me some other things. We sat on the floor and eventually, after viewing several beautiful items, he picked up something wrapped in old newspapers. He told me it was a Sacred Eagle Pipe that had been made by a Cherokee man who was a friend of his father. This man had given it to Curt to have and to give away and he had it for more than 30 years without finding the "right" person to gift it to. As he told me this story he unwrapped it and reached across and laid it in my lap. I touched it and immediately burst into tears. He said, "I thought so. I believe that you are the right person that I have been waiting for all these years to give this Eagle Pipe away." So that was how I received my first Sacred Pipe--there near Delta, CO a few miles from Montrose. I couldn't have been more shocked or more pleased at my Montrose Miracle. We have remained friends, but I have only talked to him on the phone since I left Colorado in 1997. Later in March 1992 I drove to California for my youngest daughter's wedding. My older daughter and her small children rode with me. It was a very delightful trip.

Before I left Colorado in 1997, Curt gifted me with two more pipes: a Sacred Horse Pipe for protection when working with horses and a very unusual Sacred Home Pipe. These three Sacred Pipes are the absolute most precious and most sacred things that live with me. It is interesting that at the time he gave me the Sacred Horse Pipe, he stressed that it had been made solely for protection when working with horses and not for smoking like most Sacred Pipes. This Pipe had belonged to three male generations of the same family of Cherokee Native Americans. Two of the men made their living training horses and always kept the Sacred Horse Pipe with them. When the third one retired from training horses at age 72, he gave the Pipe to Curt to find the new owner. I was the lucky recipient and felt totally BLESSED! At that time I was pursuing my Vision called "The Spiral Journey". Though I always had a passion for horses, I had no inkling of The Sacred Hoop Journey with horses. So I considered Curt's decision to give me the Sacred Horse Pipe very amazing. How could he have known that I would receive this horse journey Vision later???

Well, also here in year 1992, I had committed to this Utah Desert 40-Day  "thing" so I began to focus on how I could do that. Money was a huge issue. Lack of equipment and clothing for camping and a lack of knowledge of how to pull this off were also a challenge. My special talent and delight was, and still is, learning something totally new. So I drove over Memorial Day Weekend to Escalante, Utah to explore possibilities. I went to the BLM office and was told staying as long as 40 days in one place was not possible on their land unless I had an outfitter overseeing my Vision Quest. At a wonderful little Outdoor Specialty store I found people who helped me find a lot of what I needed: names of outfitters, books, maps, water purifiers, and etc. The hitch was that since it was a holiday all the outfitters were out outfitting! I didn't get to meet any of them. I completely lost my heart to the Escalante area that included canyonlands and mountains and deserts! They had had a lot of snow that Winter and a lot of rain in the Spring . This combination produced an explosion of plant growth, many of which had bright, beautiful flowers. I explored many of those little roads that had called to me back in 1988 in my reliable Ford Escort named Travels. Returning to Denver, I then spent the summer months of June and July putting together everything. While I was in Escalante in May, I had decided to sign up for a week's training with an outdoor survival group called B.O.S.S. They operated out of a very tiny town called Boulder, Utah. Back at home over the phone, I narrowed down to one outfitter group called NorthStar Expeditions and made plans for them to drop camp me into a remote place for my 40-Days Solo Vision Quest. 

Traditionally a Vision Quest was only for four days. Spirit "agreed" to be my Medicine Man/Medicine Woman for the full 40 days and I considered that a great honor. I left Denver on August 1st and after a long hot drive I arrived in Escalante in the evening. I had driven rather slowly and stopped often to take photographs and to savor all the beauty of the land.  I was gone for a total of two months and I never slept in a bed...only outdoors on the ground. Both the B.O.S.S. week and my Quest were resounding successes. This adventure cost me around $10,000 partly because of two months' lost wages. It was worth it...what a magnificent happening. At this time of my life I had been journaling since 1985. Finally after learning computers in 2000 & 2001, I was able to begin to turn my journals into a book, along with photos from that amazing experience. I finally published it in April 2013. If you are interested in details of that time, you can read my book called "Sojourn Of My Soul". It is available through I have created a web page here called "Sojourn" and included a few excerpts from my book.

Later in 1992 I spent Thanksgiving week in San Francisco with my daughter. I had time to go see many of my California friends and favorite places. Then I flew to Japan where my youngest son was living. THEN we flew to the Philippine Islands for two weeks with his then wife's family for Christmas holidays. That was two weeks of festivities, good food , friends that were new, sightseeing and fellowship. After spending a few days in Japan for the New Year's Holidays and getting to see Mt. Fuji, I was back in Denver a few days into January 1993. I loved all the amazing happenings and travels of 1992. What A Year That Was!!! 

In 1997 after more years of work with my two careers, I retired from Dental Hygiene, sold the house of which I was now the sole owner, and followed yet another Vision called "The Spiral Journey" back to California. I was to travel on this journey doing healing work in all of the United States in a Spiral configuration that was to begin at the edge of the Pacific Ocean in California near San Francisco. For this adventure I bought an old Dodge camper van and spent 1997 fixing it up and bought a tow bar for my Ford Escort. I got busy closing down 50 years of being in Colorado (except for the two in California). I spent 1996 and 1997 taking many road trips to visit all my favorite and inspirational places in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah. It was great fun! I love road trips and to me riding and/or driving horses on The Sacred Hoop Journey seems to me to be the supreme epitome of a spiritual road trip. I can hardly wait! Note: After receiving the SHJ Vision in 1999, I rescheduled "The Spiral Journey" for after the SHJ.

Since December 1997 I have lived in the North Bay Area of the San Francisco Bay Area in both Sonoma County and Napa County. Lots of excellent wines made here, though personally I prefer dark beers. I do love the vineyards themselves. I worked part time as a massage therapist from 1998 to 2000 in Cotati, CA. 2001 and 2002 (til August) I managed an office for a man who was both a dentist and a naturopathic doctor. Then it was back to doing massage five to seven days a week from July 2002 to near the end of 2007 in Calistoga, CA. My spa job ended then, but that was the beginning of a totally new phase of my life. A young Mexican man danced into my life for almost a year, then another young Mexican man for almost two years AND then yet another one in 2009 who is still with me living in Napa. Salvador turned into my full-time, live-in caregiver when I started becoming more and more ill. I had moved to Napa in May 2008 to attend full time college classes at Napa Valley College and also full time at Napa Valley Adult Education. I studied Spanish and paralegal plus Administration of Justice at NVC and extensive computer and office management at NVAE. This was all while I was in my early 70's. Again I thanked God/Goddess for my good brain and for my stamina. I graduated from both schools in 2010 and again in 2011 (different majors). This "Old Dog" definitely knows how to learn new tricks! 


In my years back in California I have been plagued by some whiplash car accidents, by some rather weird illnesses including fibromyalgia and a diagnosis of a rare auto-immune disease in 2013. Arriving at Death's Door in October 2013, I spent a week in the hospital and four months in a nursing home. Without Salvador's loving care, I think I would have died. I came home to more than a year mostly bedridden and in a wheel chair. I am so very grateful to him. I have recovered from some illnesses and I am well along in recovery from the auto-immune disorder. Takes a lot of Western medicine PLUS a lot of health supplements, book reading i.e. learning more about health, very good nutrition and alternative health treatments. But WELLNESS IS HAPPENING! 

Recently I have been catapulted forward on my healing path with the use of Isagenix nutritional products. Note: Please see my web page titled ISAGENIX for more information. Another huge healing blessing has been a book called "The Auto-immune Solution" by Dr. Amy Myers, M.D. Following her protocol for one year gave me back a pain-free life so I could get off my opioid meds that I had been on for ten years. It took a week of minor Hell, but it was worth it! 

I was not able to afford as much of the organic, wild-caught, grass fed food that Dr. Amy recommended, but I was totally compliant with the supplement protocol. If I could have fully done the good foods as well as the supplements, I think I would have been pain free much sooner. When I added the Isagenix Weight Wellness products in place of some of my regular foods, I also became much more energetic and physically strong and flexible. I also began to have the extra pounds drop away, though I still have many more pounds to release. Another great help was being a recipient of a three month scholarship at a gym run by Queen Of The Valley Hospital. Working out has also tremendously helped me. I have also already been learning to drive horses with carriages or big wagons for the last three years through a therapeutic horse driving organization called Access Adventure. Take a look at my photography page. What a great new to me way of being more physical AND doing things with horses...BIG HORSES! My intention is to be riding horses again sometime in this month of August 2018. So I am renewing my intentions and efforts to make my Vision of  THE SACRED HOOP JOURNEY: A PEACE MISSION ON HORSEBACK come true. 


September 11, 2018